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- Adidas

- Airbnb

- Amazon

- Amazon Prime Video

- App Store

- Apple Music

- Apple TV

- Apple Watch

I really like the Toronto Raptors, so I decided to create a Toronto Raptors iOS 14 icon pack.

Here’s how to add custom icons so your iPhone aesthetic could look like the above. I am using the icon pack that I made ( but any pictures can work. I suggest exporting icons in PNGs with dimensions of 500px by 500px so no sharpness is lost when you import them.

These are the steps you need to take:

A very important component in mobile applications is the search bar, and how it conducts search activity throughout your application. If an application is connected to a database and operates on its own backend system, developers are required to program their own search logic. Search results are then consumed by the mobile client through an API, and although this can work on SQL based databases, searching NoSQL documents efficiently, is near impossible. For example, if a user searches for their friend on a social media platform, applications are expected to provide a quick suggestion or hint at a possible autocomplete…

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